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About AIR SPACE fashion

Established in 2000, AIR SPACE started as a fashion retail store in the most popular Shilin night market in Taipei, Taiwan and soon become trend setter for affordable fashion among youngsters.

To become a trend setter instead of settler, AIR SPACE later assembled our own in-house fashion designer and pattern designers to create our own product line without being duplicated by competitors. We pride in our efforts for product details and that chic-and-spicy style we set, also in the size variety we create for beauty of all body types.

Currently owning online business branches in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore; 25 physical stores and with more than 300 staffs around the world, we thrive by delighting your daily style with this chic-and-spicy of Asian fashion.

We release new styles every week. Trend analyzing, pattern improvement and style renovation are what keep our team young and “au-current” in the ever-changing world of fast fashion.

Aside from business growing, we believe in earning from the society and giving back to society. One of the great privileges of running a small business is being able to give generously to community organizations and charitable causes that matter to us.

That chic-and-spicy that had fumed this team for 21 years is also full of passion for helping those in need. And such devotion is what make the AIR SPACE fashion spirit beautiful in-side-out.



2013: AIR SPACE x YANGMING HOME for the DISABLED ∙ Handmade essential oil soap for children
2013: AIR SPACE Buy One Donate One ∙ Fundraising to children home and shelter institutes in Taiwan
2013: AIR SPACE Calendar Charity Event ∙ Fundraising for Animal Shelter – Adoption Program
2014: AIR SPACE x Eden Social Welfare Foundation x Yahoo Mall ∙ Fundraising for the disabled living in rural countryside
2014: AIR SPACE Sponsor screening of movie “Twelve Nights” ∙ Fundraising event to spread awareness of stray animals
2014: AIR SPACE X CHRUNCHY BAKERY ∙ Handmade Puffs Charity Sale ∙ Fundraising for Children Welfare League Foundation
2014: AIR SPACE x Morita Chan ∙ Buy One Give One ∙ Fundraising to children home and shelter institutes in Taiwan
2014: AIR SPACE x Red Ribbon Winter Boots Event ∙ Fundraising to children home and shelter institutes in Taiwan
2015: AIR SPACE x JP Morgan Charity Marathon ∙ Fundraising for financially-disadvantaged patients with heart diseases
2015: AIR SPACE x Watch Charity Event ∙  Fundraising to children home and shelter institutes in Taiwan
2021: AIR SPACE ∙  Fundraising to children home and shelter institutes in rural countryside
2021: AIR SPACE x Taiwan Children and Family Aid Foundation x LIANG Gallery x Artist Lo-Qiao-Ling ∙ Donate and sponsor 2000 pieces of charity T-shirt

……more to be updated……



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