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  1. We do not provide exchange service. However, you can return the returnable item(s) for a refund, and then place a new order.
  2. Please submit return request at member center (within 7 days of parcel delivered), and wait for approval to return by email or check notification on member center within 3 working days.
  3. Strictly NO walk-in OR grab/lalamove for return/refund.
  4. Returned item must be in its original condition, unworn, unwashed, unaltered and with its label tag intact (No cut off!). no sole markings or scratches for footwear item.
  5. Boxes of footwear/bikini/tubebra, and any accessories, have to return along with. Otherwise return will be rejected and returned to customer.
  6. Sale items, cosmetics, shapewear, bra, bralette, bra top, bra camisole, and underwear are strictly not eligible for return & refund.
  7. Items that are damaged, marked or altered are non-returnable & non-refundable. We will send them back to you upon the rejection of your request. The delivery costs incurred for the items to be shipped back to you will be borne by you.
  8. Any used/credited reward points or discount codes for the returned orders will be voided and not refunded. Usage of points on subsequent purchases will not be awarded for additional points.
  9. All items that have been purchased using a voucher(s) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for refunds. However, the refunded amount will be pro-rated based on the voucher amount. If the refund is approved, the shipping fee and voucher amount will be deducted from the total refund amount. This applies to all products including bundled or promotional items.
  10. If your order amount does not meet the promotion criteria after return, you will not be entitled to the discount on the order including free shipping and free gift. Hence, you will be required to bear the shipping fee and return the free gift to us or to pay for the original price of the free gift.
  11. Items sold 50% discount and above are considered as clearance items, which are strictly non-returnable & non-refundable.
  12. Returnand refund can only be made one time per order number.
  13. All returned packages have to be delivered via trackable postage mode by doorstep delivery courier only. The postage charges will be borne by you.
  14. Kindly ensure that the courier service will deliver your return parcel within our working hours. In the event of delivery failure, you will have to bear the cost for re-delivery.
  15. All return parcels have to be prepaid parcels (Non-COD). All COD parcels will be rejected and returned to your end.
  16. We shall not be responsible for any lost return parcel in the hand of any postal service providers. We will make reasonable effort to assist in communicating with the courier but we shall not bear any claim/cost in this case.
  17. In the event of any returned item does not fit within our return policy, we shall reject the refund request and the item will be sent back to you. The postage cost incurred for the items may be borne by you under such circumstances.

We reserve the right not to allow the return of items or refund of any transactions although the condition above is met.

Before submitting your return request, please confirm that you were acknowledge about return policy.



1) Login your member account > my orders

You may check with us if you unable to login or unable to find the order in your account.


2) Click “Apply for Return”on the order

The button is applicable when order status is delivered within 7 days only. Please contact us by providing screenshot if the button is not shown.


3) Select the return item and reason/photo

Only returnable item could be selected for return and an appropriate reason is a must. Your return request could be rejected if we found return is ineligible item.


4) Submit - make sure to return

You may check your email or my message at member center to look for return pocedure notice within 3 working days once submitted. Return detail is provided in the notice for you to return.


5) Submit tracking code and bank detail

Once you have returned the item, you may login to member account > my orders > click “submit tracking code” > fill up the tracking code and bank detail.


For MY: You have to submit tracking code and bank detail (any Malaysia bank savings account only)

However, you may contact us if you wish to receive refund by promocode(voucher)


For SG: You have to submit tracking code only. Refund will be proceeded by promocode as default. However, you may contact us if you wish to received refund by bank transfer (any Malaysia bank savings account only)

Unfortunately, we do not provide exchange service but return and refund is available with T&C applied. You may refer to RETURN POLICY at info bar above.

We apologise for this oversight on our end. In such unlikely case, returning costs of mailing shall be reimbursed by us with limit. We would assist to process the order and promptly rectify this error, please contact us within 2 days from the receiving date with the photos below:

1) Order detail (A4 paper)

2) Defective part/Wrong item/All item

3) Barcode on plastic bag and the label tag


Note: Kindly point our the defective area to us. We are sorry that defective/incorrect items would not be replaced/exchanged.

1) Incorrect product or design, e.g. you ordered a piece of long white dress but received a pair of red mini skirt

2) Incorrect sizing, e.g. you ordered size S, and received size L instead

3) Noticeable stain, damage or tear


All returns are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve all rights to exercise discretion in what constitutes a defect. If, upon stringent checks, we find that the item does not qualify as a defect, customer would have to proceed with return as per our return policy.

1) Subjective opinions on colour tone, e.g. thought that the product image was of orange-red but the actual item is in bright red

2) Slight decorative material patterns variation from product images, e.g. allocation of print patterns, of floral shapes, beads arrangement, lace designs and etc.

3) Subjective judgement on the quality of the product(s)

4) Slight imperfections (loose thread, slight dotted stains etc) which do not affect the overall appearance of the item


All returns are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve all rights to exercise discretion in what constitutes a defect. If, upon stringent checks, we find that the item does not qualify as a defect, customer would have to proceed with return as per our return policy.

We do not accept walk in because warehouse company is private organization, at the same time to protect the interests of warehouse team and customer. All return order shall be delivered by courier company. This is in case there is any issue with the parcel, we will have solid evidence to hold the courier company responsible.

In order to protect your return rights, please return the item with complete packaging. It is recommend to use our original packaging or any waterproof and stable packaging material.

Although we have not specified the return shipping method, but strongly recommended that you use a traceable shipping method for return and closely track the location of the return parcel. You may also contact us to confirm if our warehouse team had received it.


Noted: Customer have the responsibility to check return parcel whether can deliver successfully or lost in transit.

Yes, but please note that different orders need to apply for return before sending them back to us. Once confirm that return request have approved, then follow the return instructions to return the item.

You may login member account > my orders to check your order status. Once return item had inspected and confirmed, you will receive a QC result notice.


QC passed: refund will be proceeded within 14 working days; QC failed: please contact us for further arrangement

Refund will be proceeded within 14 working days, and refund completed notice will be sent once refund has been issued. Please contact us if you did not receive refund after 14 working days since QC result notice had sent.

You will receive QC result notice with failed resultation. Hence return will be rejected and return the item to you. Redelivery fees may be incurred and borne by you.

Please contact us immediately if you receive an incorrect refund amount or never receive a refund amount. This is because we are unable to extract the banking records that more than ONE month and your understanding on this matter would be greatly appreciated.