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We are where we are today because of your support, and we want to give you more!

Starting from 15 December 2020, shopping with us will be a whole new rewarding experience.


Let’s get started with these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an account (It’s FREE!)
    Upon registration, you are our new Regular Member with 500 points as complimentary Welcome Gift.
  2. Start shopping and earning rewards!
    Get 1 point for every RM1 spent – it brings you closer to the next tier and earning voucher for redemption
  3. To be upgraded to VIP, spend RM600 within a year
  4. Achieve VVIP tier with another RM400 to get RM1,000 in accumulated spending within a year.
    (That’s only around RM83 per month to reach our Top tier membership)


    *Membership status will be valid for a year upon unlocking a tier.
    Thereafter, members would need to meet the minimum spend to maintain their status.



    • Points can be earned by making any direct purchases from my.airspaceonline.com
    • Points are based on the payable amount, excluding use of discount codes and store credits, and cents are rounded.
    • Points from different accounts cannot be combine and re non-transferrable.
    • Points are strictly not exchangeable to cash or any other reward/discount.
    • Points used and redeemed will not be reinstated/refunded/credited back to your account



    • The tiers of voucher redemption are as follows:
      - Get RM5 voucher by redeeming 500 points
      - Get RM25 voucher by redeeming 2,500 points
    • All vouchers have to be manually redeemed at Reward Program before you can use it at checkout.
    • Vouchers redeemed by points are valid for a one-time usage only, but there is no expiry date for the vouchers redeemed.
    • Vouchers have to be fully utilized in one transaction. Any remaining value unused will not be refunded or credited.
    • Vouchers are strictly non-transferrable and non-exchangeable for cash.
    • Voucher used are non-returnable and non-refundable.



    1. Once you're logged in, proceed to "Reward Program" at the bottom right corner.
    2. Click on "See More Reward(s)".
    3. Select the amount of Points you would like to redeem to Vouchers.
      - RM5 off discount with 500 points
      - RM25 off discount with 2,500 points
    4. The Voucher code will be shown to you instantly.
      Alternatively, you may refer to "My Rewards" for the Voucher code.
    5. When you are ready to use your Voucher, simply copy and paste the code during the checkout.

    *Note that only ONE voucher/discount code is applicable for each and every order.
    Kindly remove the auto-generated code (if any) when you would like to use your Voucher.

    e.g. Item A (regular price: RM29 each) is having a bundled promotion of 2 for RM49.
    During your checkout session, there will be an auto-generated code by the system to deduct RM9 for the offer.
    If you would want to apply your Voucher i.e. RM5, you would need to remove the auto-generated code.
    By removing it, both items A would then be in their regular price, which is RM58 in total.

    You may opt to either (a) enjoy the promotion or (b) utilize the voucher you redeemed.
    For more details about our Promotions & Discounts, please refer to HERE.



    1. Your points and rewards cannot be transferred, brought, sold or in any way traded.
    2. You can check your points and rewards on your online account. In case of any inconsistency between the membership points reflected in your account and our internal record, the latter shall prevail.
    3. Points earned and/or redeemed will be updated on your online account within a reasonable period of your transaction.
    4. Unless otherwise indicated, points are earned on all purchases except discount codes and store credits.
    5. In the event of any order cancellation or failure of delivery and return requested where parcel/item is returned to us, any points earned from the order will be debited and/or points of any voucher redeemed in the order will not be credited back to you.
    6. For any defective or wrong item(s) that need to be return and refund, any points earned from the order will be debited and/or points of any voucher redeemed will be credited to your account (if applicable).
    7. There are only two dimensions of RM5 voucher (worth 500 points) and RM25 voucher (worth 2,500 points) available for redemption.
    8. Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes, promotions, or offers unless otherwise stated.
    9. Membership will be suspended and removed if there are refusal to accept cash-on-delivery parcels for more than thrice.
    10. The program terms and conditions, structures, FAQs or any other descriptions of the program are subject to change at any time.
    11. We further reserve the right to change, modify (including how points will be earned and redeemed and what rewards will be available), terminate, discontinue or cancel the program at any time and in our sole discretion. Any changes, modifications or termination or any part of the program or its terms will be effective upon publications of those changes on the Site.

    Your continued participation in the program will confirm your acceptance of such changes or modifications. Therefore, you should review these terms and conditions and applicable policies frequently to understand the terms and conditions that apply to the program.



    从2020年12月15日起,在Air Space 购物将会是一种全新的优惠制度。



    1. 注册一个账户(是免费的!)
    2. 开始购物并赚取奖励!
      每消费RM1即可获得1积分 – 它让您更接近下一个会员等级并赚取兑换券
    3. 升级为VIP, 一年内需消费RM600
    4. 在同一年期限内,再消费RM400即可达到VVIP等级 ,即累计消费RM1,000







    • 可以通过从 airspaceonline.com 直接订购以赚取积分。
    • 积分基于付款金额,不包括任何折扣代码,并且以整数为准。
    • 不同账户的积分不可合并且不可转让。
    • 积分不可兑换成现金或其他奖励/折扣。
    • 已使用/已兑换的积分将不会恢复/退款/返还到您的账户



    • 兑换券的等级如下:
      - 兑换500积分获得RM5代金券
      - 兑换 2,500积分获得RM25代金券
    • 所有代金券必须在奖励计划中手动兑换,然后才能在结账时使用。
    • 积分兑换的代金券仅限于一次性使用。兑换的代金券是没有使用期限的限制。
    • 代金券必须在一个订单中获得充分利用,任何未使用的剩余价值将不给予退还。
    • 代金券是不可转让且不可兑换现金。
    • 已使用的代金券不可退还且不可退款。



    1. 登录后,点击右下角的“奖励计划”。
    2. 点击“查看更多奖励”。
    3. 选择您想要兑换代金券的积分数量。
      - 500积分折扣RM5
      - 2,500积分折扣RM25、
    4. 代金券将立即显示在页面。或者,您可以参考“我的奖励”获取代金券的专属代码。
    5. 当您准备号使用您的代金券时,只需在结账时复制并粘贴代金券的专属代码。






    1. 您的积分和奖励不可转让、携带、出售或以任何方式交易。
    2. 您可以在您的在线帐户上查看您的积分和奖励。如果您账户中反映的会员积分与我们的内部记录不一致,以后者为准。
    3. 赚取和/或兑换的积分将在您交易的合理期限内更新到您的在线账户。
    4. 除非另有说明,除任何形式的折扣代码外,所有购买均可赚取积分。
    5. 若任何商品/包裹被退回的情况下(包括订单取消/派送失败/退货申请),从订单中赚取的积分将被扣除和/或在订单中使用的代金券将不会返还给你。
    6. 对于任何需要退货退款处理的瑕疵/错误商品,从订单中赚取的积分将被扣除和/或已兑换且使用的代金券的积分将返回到您的账户(如适用)。
    7. 目前只有两种代金券可供兑换,即RM5代金券(价值500积分)和RM25代金券(价值2,500积分)。
    8. 除非另有说明,否则奖励不能与其他折扣代码、促销或优惠同时使用。
    9. 拒收货到付款包裹三次以上将被暂停和取消会员资格。
    10. 此计划条款和条件、结构、常见问题解答或计划的任何其他说明可能随时更改。
    11. 我们进一步保留随时自行决定更改、修改(包括如何赚取和兑换积分以及可以获得哪些奖励)、终止、中止或取消计划的权利。任何更改、修改或终止或此计划的任何部分或其条款将更改在网站上发布后生效。




    General Size Guide

    ***NOTE: Our products are measured laid flat from pit to pit in "CM", which means the measurements are taken on a single side.
    Kindly X2 or double the figure for the circumference/full pit measurement.

    For example, if the chart shows that the waist for an item is 34cm, then the whole waist size of the said item is 68cm in full pit.

    Do refer to the size chart on individual product pages for measurements specific to each and every item before deciding on a size.