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11.11 Promotion

Terms and Conditions

11% Off For Selected Items & Upgraded To 20% For Purchases Over RM200:

  1. Offer is valid from 2 November 2020 11AM to 12 November 2020 11AM.
  2. Offer is valid for any purchases made on Air Space Malaysia official site and Air Space Malaysia Shopee official store.
  3. All orders placed with this offer are entitled to Free Shipping campaign with no minimum spend required.
  4. Price shown is after the discount of 11%.
  5. Only purchases above RM200 are entitled to 20% off, instead of 11% off. (This shall be applied automatically at the checkout page)
  6. All purchases made under this promotion are returnable and refundable, subjected to our Return Policy.
  7. Returnable item(s) shall be refunded based on the price after discount. 
  8. If the order amount does not meet the promotion criteria after return including free shipping, you shall not be entitled to the discount on the order. The refundable amount shall be pro-rated accordingly.
  9. For Shopee return & refund requests, the refundable amount will be determined by Shopee Malaysia subjected to their Return Policy.

Daily Shocking Sale and Mega Sale 70% Off:

  1. Only selected items will be published from time to time.
  2. All items are on a first-come first-served basis while stocks last.
  3. In the event that your item is unavailable, our customer care team will notify you via email to issue refund.
  4. All purchases are subjected to the Return Policy of Air Space Malaysia and Shopee Malaysia respectively. 


  1. Offer is only valid in a single order/transaction. Combine order for promotion is strictly not allowed.
  2. Items which are not under the 11% or 20% offer are subjected to the standard courier service, e.g. bundled promotions.
  3. In light of the current COVID-19 situation, delivery times may be longer than usual. Urgent orders are highly not recommended.
  4. For Shopee customers, if you need further assistance, kindly reach out to our team on Shopee chat.
  5. Please contact us within 7 working days from the date of order if relevant offers have not been applied to any purchase made during the promotional period.
  6. All purchases are subjected to our Return Policy.
  7. If the item(s) is not entitled to Free Shipping after return, the refundable amount shall be pro-rated accordingly.
  8. If we identify any fraudulent, dishonest and/or misuse of discount codes and/or promotions, we will take the necessary measures to end them, i.e. suspending, removing the user account and/or any accounts we deem may be linked to you from our investigations, or forfeiting the points you have accumulated with relevant orders under the loyalty program without further notice.
  9. Air Space reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the Terms & Conditions of the promotion at any time without prior notice.

Please do not hesitate to approach us if you have any further questions, we will make every effort to assist and respond to your enquiries during our working hours (Weekdays from 9am to 5pm, excluding Public Holidays).

You can contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram @airspace_mysg or send us an email at my@airspaceonline.com.


与AIR SPACE 一起欢庆11.11 112日早上11时至1112日早上11


  • 类别A:全部商品在官方网站和蝦皮旗舰店,除了以下列出的类别商品,都享有11%折扣
  1. 商品显示是11%折扣后的价格,例如:RM119.00> RM105.91
  2. 类别A的独家优惠:购买满RM200和以上,在付款页面之前,折扣会自动从11%升等至20%
  3. 官方网站独家优惠:无低消,即可享有免邮费
  4. 独家优惠:商品可按退货条例申请退货,即便在这段优惠期间商品已经折扣至20% (若适用)
  5. 官方网站订单的退款金额将会根据优惠价格而重新计算
    例:你购买了 RM119> RM105.91 &RM89> RM79.21 &RM99> RM88.11, 总额 RM273.23 > RM245.36
    退货商品 RM119,退款金额为RM78.04 而不是 RM95.20或RM105.91 因为该订单在退货后的购买总额少于RM200,不能享有20%升等优惠。
  6. 蝦皮旗舰店的退款金额将由蝦皮系统根据订单自动计算,以及退货商品也需要符合蝦皮官方的退货条例。
  • 类别B:每日惊人促销在官方网站和蝦皮旗舰店
  1. 只有指定商品折扣高达90%
  2. 商品将在两个平台不定时发布
  3. 存货有限,先到先得
  4. AIR SPACE 团队将会取消你的订单/商品并且安排退款,若该商品卖完了
  5. 该商品订单将根据你的邮寄地址征收邮费
  6. 该商品不允许退货/换货,即使蝦皮旗舰店购买也不能退货
  • 类别C:再来一次大清货促销仅限于官方网站
  1. 只有指定商品折扣高达70%
  2. 存货有限,先到先得
  3. AIR SPACE 团队将会取消你的订单/商品并且安排退款,若该商品卖完了
  4. 该商品订单将根据你的邮寄地址征收邮费
  5. 该商品不允许退货/换货
  • 类别D:2件价优惠仅限于官方网站
  1. 指定商品系列可享有任选2件以RM39 RM49  RM75 或 RM99 的价格购买
  2. 该商品订单将根据你的邮寄地址征收邮费
  3. 该商品可按退货条例申请退货
  4. 退款金额将会根据该订单重新计算
    你申请退货其一,退款金额为RM39 因为该订单不再符合优惠条例即购买2件才可以享有折扣。
  • 类别E:免邮活动仅适用于商品类别A且官方网站的订单
  1. 订单将享有免邮政策若你购买类别A的商品
  2. 邮费将会征收并且直接在退款金额扣除,若你退了商品类别A,以及保留了其他类别的商品。
    例:你购买了1 件类别A的商品 & 1件类别C的商品



  1. 西马邮费RM7,或买满RM99即可享有免邮
  2. 东马邮费RM15,或买满RM200即可享有免邮
  3. 新加坡邮费RM30,或买满RM200即可享有免邮


*我们真诚感激你的耐心与 理解并且在这段活动期间不要下紧急订单。


  1. 若你发现该订单没有按照现有促销活动进行,可在下单后的14天内联系我们
  2. 若你收到瑕疵或错误商品,应在7天内联系我们。然而,根据包裹签收日期,7天后才收到的任何索赔或者商品标签已经移除,均不被认可。
  3. 若你想要申请退货,应在7天内联系我们。然而,根据包裹签收日期,7天后才收到的任何索赔或者商品标签已经移除,均不被认可。

***AIR SPACE 团队将会调整或者取消你的订单,若发现该订单有不寻常的状况。

***AIR SPACE 团队将会在工作时间内回复信息,并且为你解答担忧。


General Size Guide

***NOTE: Our products are measured laid flat from pit to pit in "CM", which means the measurements are taken on a single side.
Kindly X2 or double the figure for the circumference/full pit measurement.

For example, if the chart shows that the waist for an item is 34cm, then the whole waist size of the said item is 68cm in full pit.

Do refer to the size chart on individual product pages for measurements specific to each and every item before deciding on a size.